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Fidelity Solar Energy Helps You Become Independent, and Save Money and the Environment By Going Solar

Fidelity’s aim is to help the residents of Florida gain the maximum benefits out of our sun’s renewable energy.  By going solar, you will be able to independently generate your own environmentally friendly power that is stably priced.  We empower people so they can remain unaffected by rising electricity costs across the nation and make our future financially secure.  Here are the many ways going solar will help everyone.

Take Advantage of the Rebate and Incentive Options and Make Long Term Savings

Your choice of going solar will be fully supported by offering you various incentives such as the Federal Tax credit and other local and city solar rebates to make your transition seamless and light on your pocket.  You can also choose from different finance options to help pay for your solar energy system, with ZERO initial payment.  Once your setup is up and running, you will be paying just a fraction of your old energy bill to pay it off, so you can save thousands every year! Contact us today to find out your eligibility for the tax credit and various rebates.

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Become Independent

With your very own solar energy system, you can gain freedom from paying high electricity bills and dependence on the depleting fuel industry.  Remain unaffected by the increasing prices of electricity by going solar and gaining access to the sun’s energy completely FREE of cost for a lifetime! What’s better? Solar panels are very low maintenance as compared to traditional power grids, so you save money there as well!

Help Save The Environment

This is the best opportunity for you to help save the environment and your health from further deterioration.  Just like any other renewable energy resource, solar power helps benefit both human health and the environment.  It helps reduce pollutants in the air like sulfur dioxide and CO2, that are a major health concern.  Using solar energy also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by burning fossil fuels, which act as a catalyst for climate change.

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