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Start by scheduling a FREE consultation with our solar expert, where you will ask us all your questions about going solar.  We will also review your household’s energy needs and give you an estimate of how much you’ll save by switching to solar. Our specialist will assist you in applying for the Federal and Local Solar Tax Incentives and the $0 down payment solar energy system.  If you have safety concerns, we also offer you the option of a FREE Virtual Appointment online or a free quote through a call.

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Custom Design

Once we have documented your requirements, our specialized team of designers will devise a solar plan that is suited to your specific needs. This custom design ensures you get the maximum savings out of your solar energy system.

Getting Permits

You can sit back and relax as your Personal Manager helps you get all your paperwork together. In this phase, they will take care of all the permits required by your city and local utility company.

Expert Installation

First, we will take care of any preparation required for the safe installation of the solar system on your roof. We will adjust any nearby trees that may be blocking the sunlight shining on your building’s roof, as well. The installation of your solar system can then be completed in a matter of just 4-8 hours. Finally, our solar specialists will show you how to fully operate your brand-new solar system.

Full Activation

You can finally start generating your own energy from the sun once we get the approval or “Permission to Operate” from your local utility and municipality, which is needed to fully activate your solar energy system.

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Find Out How You Can Get Your Very Own Solar Energy System and Start Saving Right Away!

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